Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter and Passover

Annual Passover Seder
Friday, April 18th, at 11:30am.

We will celebrate our annual Passover Seder on Friday, April 18th, in the activity room at 11:30. All residents and family members are invited to attend at no charge, but reservations are required as space is limited. If you have never attended one of our Passover Seders, please try to attend. This is a fun and informational tour of the celebration of the Hebrews being freed from Egypt. This dinner is celebrated by Jews as well as Christians around the world. In fact, Jesus' Last Supper was a Passover Seder. During this meal and short service the participants will partake in wine, matzo, boiled eggs, horseradish, charosis (a misture of dates, apples, nuts, and wine), baked chicken, matzo ball chicken soup, vegetable greens, gefilta fish, and macaroons. The story of Passover is retold during this meal. If you would like to attend this special service, please sign up at the front desk.

Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 20

As always, we love to invite family and friends to all special occasions. We will have a special Easter Sunday meal at lunchtime from 11:30am until 1:00pm. Please make reservations at the front desk. The cost is $12 for adults and $10 for seniors over 65 and children ages 12-18. Residents and children under 12 are free.

If Park Regency administers your medications and you plan on being out of the building for Easter, please let us know 24-48 hours in advance, so that we can prepare your medications for you to take with you.

Church Services

Just a friendly reminder that Jim Pegg, our chaplain, gives a non-denominational service every Sunday morning from 10am-11:15am in the activity room. (Prayer requests begin at 9:45am). Services are open to all residents, family members, and staff. Jim invites any and all who are interested or looking for a church body to attend.

Jim also offers confidential counseling for residents, staff, and family members. No matter what questions you may have or what trials you may be going through, he would love to listen and encourage you.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

December News and Events

Happy Holidays!

From all the staff here at Park Regency, we wish you and yours the warmest wishes this holiday season.

Resident/Family Christmas Party

We are proud to have back Rick Weingarten performing on his VIBES for all to enjoy. Rick will be performing his special Christmas show for our annual resident/family Christmas party. We will have food, drinks, gifts, and fun for all to enjoy. Join us on Saturday, December 14, 2013, at 2pm in the activity room for the special performance of Rick Weingarten. All family and friends are welcome to attend. Make reservations with our receptionist at 970-491-1100 ext. 83 or stop by the front desk if planning to attend.

Christmas Day

We will be having a special Christmas meal at noon on December 25th and as always families are invited to attend. The cost for guest meals will be $10.00 per meal. Residents and children under 5 years old are free. Please feel free to call our receptionist to make your reservations. Residents, please remember to let us know in advance if you are planning to be out of the building for Christmas, so we can have all your medication ready for you.

New Year's Eve

Please welcome back Jim Turner and his band for their performance for our annual New Year's Eve Party.. As always, our New Year's Eve Party will be festive, fun, and full of dancing, singing, food, drink, and a rip-roaring good time for one and all. Please come and join us on Tuesday, December 31, 2013, from 6:30-8:00pm in the dining room for a wonderful time. All family and friends are welcome to attend. If planning to attend please make a reservation with our receptionist at 970-461-1100 ext. 83 or stop by the front desk, then come and have a great time for the best New Year's celebration yet.

Wish of A Lifetime Foundation

Wish of A Lifetime is a program that makes wishes come true for seniors. Most elderly men and women have something in their life that they have always wanted to do or see, but for many different reasons they are not able to live out their dreams. The Wish of A Lifetime Foundation wish fulfillment program aims to change that, creating opportunities to ensure each of these very special wishes can come true.

Park Regency is proud to announce that the Wish of A Lifetime is now a part of the activity department to help our seniors with a special wish they may have. There are qualifications that each senior who wishes to apply must meet, and Sue, the activities director, will help residents with this process. If any senior has a special wish they might want to try and receive, come and talk to Sue and see if we can get the process started. We have had two wishes granted so far and hope to have many more. This is a wonderful program that every senior should have a chance to participate in. Contact Sue in activities at 970-461-1100 ext. 3157 or just stop by and we will see what we can do for you.

Other December Events:

12-6 Young's Vietnamese restaurant for lunch
12-13 Happy Hour with Sue Stormo and Todd Hosman performing
12-18 Christmas lights scenic drive
12-20 Christmas history party hosted by Sue
12-27 December Birthday Party with Tom Yook

Thursday, November 7, 2013

4th Annual Park Regency Arts and Crafts Fair

Park Regeny presents our 4th annual community

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair
Saturday, November 23rd

You are cordially invited to join the Park Regency family as we host our fourth annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, hosted in Park Regency's activities room. Come see some of the fine pieces our resident artists have created, as well as those of many fine folks from our local community right here in Loveland, Colorado. Artisans from all over the area will be displaying some of their finest works for you to enjoy and purchase, just in time for the Christmas season.
In the lobby and activity room of Park Regency Loveland (1875 Fall River Drive). Everyone is invited, young and old alike.

Come and enjoy our hospitality. Refreshments will be served.

This is always a fun time featuring lots of excellent arts and crafts and holiday spirit.

Calling All Artists!

Park Regency Premier Senior Living is pleased to announce that we are hosting an Arts and Crafts Show featuring the talents of our residents here at Park Regency, as well as those of our local community in the Loveland area.

This event is free of charge to both participants and the public. It is open to young and old alike and all forms of art and/or crafts will be considered. Some of the art forms that will be displayed include mosaics, oil paintings, water color paintings, and photography. We do ask that you keep in mind that this is a family-oriented event.

Park Regency will make the space available for all artists to display their art or crafts, but we do ask that all outside artists bring their own tables or other display needs. All participants will be able to sell their projects at this event (though you can just display), so you will also need to provide whatever you may need to collect monies from those attending to view and purchase your art.

Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis as space will be limited to around fifty participants..

To sign up, all we need you to do is call reception at 970-461-1100 ex. 83, Jim Pegg at 720-684-7858 or 970-461-1100 x3170, or Sue Stormo at 970-461-1100 x3157, and give us some basic information and you're all set. It's just that simple.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

August Events

Hawaiian Luau

Announcing our 6th Anniversary Party!

On Saturday, August 17th, we will celebrate Park Regency's 6th anniversary with a Hawaiian BBQ and luau. The BBQ will be at our normal dinner time, from 4:30pm-6pm, in the courtyard. Following the BBQ, Hawaiian dancers Nadine Lund and her daughter will perform for us along with talented musician Tom Yook. There will be no charge to attend this event. We always have a wonderful time at our luaus. Residents, family, friends, and staff are all invited to attend so please make plans to join us.

To make your reservations, please call Eva at the front desk at 970-461-1100 ext. 83.

Monthly Birthday Party

Come and join us on Friday, August 30, 2013, at 2pm in the activity room for our monthly birthday party with Ragtime Rhythm and their wonderful music. They are one of the residents favorites and we are so glad to have them back for everyone to enjoy. All family and friends are welcome to attend. You will be glad you did.

Healing Harmonies: Music as Medicine for Seniors and Caregivers

''Record Reflection' by Selina R. Gonzalez
(Article from, written by Anne-Marie Botek)
Human beings are governed by rhythms. From our pulsing heartbeat, to the cadence of our speech patterns, to when we fall asleep and wake up—countless rhythms drive our existence.
Perhaps this is why we are so mesmerized by music.
"From lullabies to funeral songs, music is a part of our lives from the moment we enter the world, until the moment we leave it," says Diane Snyder-Cowan, director of the Elisabeth Prentiss Bereavement Center for Hospice of the Western Reserve.
She describes a phenomenon called, "entrainment," whereby a person's biological rhythms become synchronized with the music they're listening to.
Entrainment exerts such a powerful force that simply listening to and focusing on soothing music can actually help a person enter a more relaxed state of physical and mental functioning. Once a person enters this state, they're better able to physically and mentally process things—from medications to emotions.
A professional music therapist, Snyder-Cowan is part of a specially-trained group of care providers who use melodies to achieve a particular treatment goal. "Music therapy is all about the intentional use of music to bring about a particular change; whether that change is therapeutic, emotional or spiritual," she says.
Melodies may trump meds
Music therapists work in a variety of different settings, from hospitals to halfway houses.
In the elder care context, they can be found in senior care facilities, rehabilitation clinics and hospice and palliative care centers, helping aging adults manage everything from chronic pain to Alzheimer's disease.
"I've seen the power of music so many times in older adults," says Snyder-Cowan. "It's such a powerful tool and can be accessed so easily."
One well-known application of music therapy is helping people with advanced dementia communicate and engage with their surroundings. (See how this man in a nursing home reacts to hearing music from his era

 Music is so beneficial for people struggling with memory loss because it's easier for them to access the memory of a melody than top recall a name or event. "The memory of the song stays with them much longer than regular memories," says Snyder-Cowan.
In some cases, music may even be more powerful than more traditional medical interventions, such as prescriptions and physical therapy.
Harnessing the healing power of harmony
You don't have to be formally trained to help your loved one reap the holistic healing benefits of music.
Snyder-Cowan offers some suggestions for how caregivers and their loved ones can bond over song from the comfort of their home:
  • Make your own music: If you or your loved one had a passion for playing a particular instrument, don't hesitate to dust off the old six-string and strum out a few chords. "Live music has its own set of special rewards," says Snyder-Cowan.
  • Travel to another time or place: Music and memory are intimately intertwined. To help your loved one get in touch with their past, try playing music that was popular when they were in their 20s and 30s.
  • Match tempo to temper: No one genre of music is more therapeutic than another. According to Snyder-Cowan, it's all about personal preference. Pick songs that you and your loved one enjoy listening to. Keeping in mind the principal of entrainment, try to synchronize the songs to the mood you're trying to invoke.
  • Highlight hobbies: For example, your loved one may not be able to visit the opera like they used to, but that doesn't mean they have to forgo their favorite arias. You can help bring the opera to them by purchasing or downloading some of their favorite performances and playing them.
Still in doubt about the positive effects music can have on an elder's mood, watch this video all the way to the end, and see if it changes your mind:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Park Regency Offering Social Security Retirement Benefits Seminar

When Should You Begin Receiving Your Social Security Retirement Benefits?

As you near retirement, one of the biggest financial decisions you'll need to make is when to begin receiving your Social Security retirement benefits. With pensions disappearing, Social Security remains the major source of guaranteed lifetime retirement income for most Americans, so it's important to take the time to explore your options and make an informed, well-reasoned decision.

In this seminar on Social Security Retirement Benefits, you'l learn:

  • What your full retirement age is and how your benefit is determined.
  • How retiring earlier than, or later than, you full retirement age will affect your Social Security benefit.
  • Why it's important to plan together with your spouse, and strategies you can use to boost retirement and survivor benefits.
  • How working after you begin receiving Social Security could affect how much you receive.
You'll also receive a free workbook created just for this presentation. The workbook contains key information, worksheets, and questions to help you remember important points from the seminar.

This seminar will be presented by Steve Armfield of the JBA Wealth Management Group.

June 22, 2013
2:00 - 3:00 pm
Park Regency
1875 Fall River Dr.
Loveland, CO 80538

RSVP by June 19th, 2013
To reserve your spot, please contact:
Steve Armfield
155 W. Harvard St. Ste. 401
Fort Collins, CO 80538
Andrew Elfter
Director of Marketing & Admissions
Park Regency
970-461-1100 ext. 31

Thursday, May 30, 2013

June News and Events

Carol would like to thank everyone who attended our wonderful Mother's Day celebration. Your presence made a special day even more special.

As you may well know, we have been busy painting and redecorating the lobby. Please feel free to stop by and see our new look. We hope you feel it is as warm and inviting as we do.

We have had many changes during May. Andy has taken over for Rebecca in the Marketing/Admissions office. He will be here to help us until he needs to get to work at Park Regency Thornton. Karla moved to California and Eva is our new Administrative Assistant at the front desk. Please welcome both Andy and Eva to their new positions.

At the last resident council meeting, a question was raised regarding the notes that get placed in the ugly brown box. Carol does read each and every note that goes into the box. We have been doing our best to accommodate any requests that we can. I cant tell you that the majority of the notes we receive are complimentary. We have received numerous cards stating how happy everyone is with our new Dietary Manager, Dirk. We do appreciate all your comments.

Memory Wreath:
A memory wreath made by our residents was donated to the Alzheimer's Association to be part of the Memories in the Making auction to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. The clothing used to make the wreath was donated by residents or by families of residents who had either moved or passed away. The making of the memory wreath proved an excellent means for everyone to reminisce about good times together. We had14 of our crafty residents from our Saturday arts and crafts class work on this wreath. They cut colorful patches out of the various clothing items and stuffed them into a wooden wreath, arranging them into a beautiful design. Sue and Carol were both able to attend the Memories in the Making Auction on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins. Thank you to all the residents that worked on this project.

June Events:

We hope that you will be able to join us again for our annual Father's Day BBQ and celebration, on Sunday, June 16th. The BBQ is from 11:30am until 1:00pm, in our beautiful courtyard area. We would love for you to stay and join us in the activity room at 2:00pm as Jim Turner will be performing. Make plans to come, sing along, dance, and enjoy the day!

Come and join us on Friday, June 28, 2013, at 2pm int he activity room, for our monthly birthday party with the return of Sandy and her wonderful music. Sandy plays the keyboard and the residents enjoy her variety of hits and the good time they have with her laughter and great music. She has been performing fora number of years and we are glad to have Sandy stopping by the entertain us. All family and friends are welcome to attend.

Other Upcoming Events:

6-14 Sue presents her slide show on the Unser Racing Car Museum and it's history

6-19 Sue presents her slide show on old Native American ruins in Utah and their history

2-26 Picnic at Loveland Lake